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Drowning in Lake Drake

July 3, 2009

In another one of the music industries latest ‘I made you look’ moments, everyone’s gushing about the new “savior” of R & B, says Mary J. Blige – Drake, rushing to check out the video for his piece “Best I Ever Had.”

Mr. Auto-tune’s craptastic cinematic masterpiece

Why are you all asking what do the boobs have to with the song? Were you asking yourself this question when you gawked in awe the first time you watched an Ice-T video? Or what about all the boats, cars, bling, beer and boob imagery that still inundate movies (ahem, Megan Fox), videos, and TV shows and commercials? By now, I think we all can agree that objectifying women by featuring the ever present T&A has been a long standing element in entertainment since the Pin-up Girls of the 1920’s, and more modernly visual since the inception MTV. 

But you’ll find no women’s lib movement here, just a light soap box rant about the poor idealisms this will send to all young women who are clearly already lacking in self-esteem.  That said, all the bouncing breasts so prominently featured in this video hold the same irrelevance to his song as they do to all those others. But in taking a stab at understanding Kanye West’s concept, I’m thinking his thoughts might have gone something like:

 “Well my girlfriend *blank stare* doesn’t have much in that department, so, uhh, h’mmm… Best. What starts with B, yall? … oooh, basketball! Oh, and boobs… breasts!  And big bouncing boobs look like basketballs, so I’ll just put those two together in a gym and look, I’ve got a video!’

It would have been great if, Kanye, like you’re now doing in your fashion venture seeking knowledge and experience by working at The Gap, you had also sought out the advice of someone more experienced in making music videos.  Directing takes lots of practice and thankfully everyone’s style is different. Sometimes even new directors need better direction in the beginning.

I won’t hate on you. Seriously. You did a great thing by coming to Chicago, furthering your  mother’s legacy by promoting education and giving a free concert for Chicago Public School students; children who are victims of one of the worst school systems in our nation.  So listen, I’ve got a project for you. Take your camera and make a real cinematic masterpiece about the city you left, about the harassment of some of the city’s street performers like the ‘Bucket Boys’ and how you’ll help them successfully pair the value of education with their talent.

Not a Hater of Aubrey Drake Graham

I was going to say I don’t know where this kid came from. I was going to say that I didn’t care. But neither is true. I thought it only fair that I read how this guy got his start by staring in what is the equivalent of an ABC afterschool program.  Nor will I say that this guy is not Will Smith material. You wanna marry a Jada, my man, I’m not mad at ya. You think your experience on DeGrassi High gives you the chops to be Hollywood’s next go-to-person of summer blockbusters – by all means forage ahead. I’d like to see you do ‘Six Degrees’ – then get back to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love an articulate man, one who speaks clearly and with distinction. But when he opened his mouth mid-vid, I did a double take thinking that it was in fact Alex P. Keaton who made a guest appearance or maybe Carlton Banks.  A chuckle, after hearing his voice and thinking about the numbskulls who brawled at Drake’s recent House of Blues appearance.  Surely they weren’t looking to emulate the Canadian on stage who rolls in a rented Royals under the tutelage of his slaw-jawed, tatted up, self-shooting mentor Lil Wayne – because that my friend a baller nor a brawler does not him make. But it did make them all look like fools.

After all the hype one would think a new video introducing you the MTV world who had yet to know of your existence, would have you coming out swinging, guns a blazing.  Surely someone told you that first impressions are important. The first time I saw you was in watching your video today – I was not impressed.  You probably thought all that Kanye touches is golden.  I’m sure you now see he’s no Michael Phelps – your vid just did a belly flop, bro.  This is a good time to back into the locker room and regroup the image by which you want to be identified.

If you make it, they will come

Clearly the result of this collaborative effort between Drake, Lil Wayne and Kayne is not too complicated to understand. Look at the outrage over BET’s recent awards presentation/MJ tribute. Every time we turn on the TV, turn on the radio or click on favorite music website, we’re standing in the music industry cafeteria line waiting to be served whatever prepackaged artist they’re offering.  Having been so starved so long of real talent, or honest programming for that matter, we’ll take just about anything we’re served and call it the best we’ve ever had.

Meanwhile, this might be a good time to stop and a take a look within our communities and encourage, discover, and promote real talent. There has to be something better out there. You find it, I’ll come and support it.